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Manu Stock Broking Private Limited was incorporated on 31 August, 2005, with a main object to carry on the business as Shares and Stock Brokers, we applied for the Membership of National Stock Exchange of India Limited, in Capital Market and Future & Options (F&O) Segment. As a member of National Stock Exchange of India, we started equity trading on behalf of our clients, in the following next year, we started providing arbitrage services (July, 2006) to our values customers.

As the time passed, we registered ourselves as a member of Bombay Stock Exchange of India, in both Capital Market and Future & Options segment. Recently, we have registered ourselves as a member of United Stock Exchange (USE), in Currency Futures Segment.


Manu Stock Broking Pvt. Ltd is owned and managed by experienced personnels, who have been serving the company since 2005 with a target to render timely, independent and objective counsel in the areas pertaining to capital market, equity, commodity and currency trading. Our constant focus is on scaling and upgrading the technology and infrastructure with the aim of providing the best services to the investors.

Ravindra Sanghai

Mr. Ravindra Sanghai, FCA, has combined experiences in diverse fields, which includes Accounting, Auditing, Financial Planning and Corporate matters to facilitate the organization to strategies, plan and effectively implement sustainable business model. He is the overall supervisor, administrator and control head of the firm. He also inspires the team by being actively involved in all internal programs and services, and works to develop a broad and deep knowledge base for of all the programs.

Ritesh Jain

Mr. Ritesh Jain has more than 15 years of experience in stock market and allied operations. He plays a huge role in the strategic decision-makings, overall growth and development of the organization. His experience has given the company a strong platform to rise upon. He has a broad knowledge of organizing, managing and supporting the day to day activities required for running an organization. He is very flexible with strong team-working skills. He is able to work individually and as a part of a group seamlessly.