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What is the cost of trading?

Apart from the commission you pay us for our services, commonly termed as Brokerage, you are usually charged for Tunover charges, STT, Stamp duty.

Why Form 10B doesn't match?

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Is derivative trading speculation income?

It has been settled now that income from derivative trading will be considered trading income (as if you have earned through delivery based transactions), and not the speculation income.

How do I maintain my trading accounts?

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What if I have a complaint against a broker?

The first thing is obviously to discuss the issue with the broker and amicably resolve the issue. If the grievance still persists, you can make a complaint with Exchange's/ DPs. Following links are useful.

What kind of margins exist in the market?

Total margin for open positions in the derivative market is the sum of SPAN margin and EXPOSURE margin. Whereas the exposure margin is a constant percentage of closing value of open position (the percentage changes every month), the SPAN margin comes from exchanges directly and varies daily in tandem with the Volatility and other factors in the market.

Why my broker keeps on asking for papers?

Intermediaries have been directed by the Exchanges' and SEBI regulations to keep updated with the personal and financial details of their clients. Please inform your broker immediately on change of personal and financial details. Please bear with us if we keep on asking for income proof year after year.

What are the documents necessary for opening an account?

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How to have nominee for DP account?

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What is auction?

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Do I get contract note for auction? How do I verify auction price?

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Why auction dr is always more than auction cr?

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How should STT be treated in the books?

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What are the forms of Margin?

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Is PAN Card mandatory?

Yes. PAN Card has been made mandatory for opening trading / dp accounts.

What about the dividends on shares deposited with Broker as margin?

You have all the legal rights over such dividends and will be given by the Broker to you on receipt of the same. This may be through direct credit to your account maintained with the Broker or he may choose to give separate cheques to you.

How to make right share application available on shares deposited with the broker as margin?

For the great volume of transactions, it may not be possible for the Broker to keep track of every right share option available or inform you the same. It's the onus of the client to pre-inform the broker if he intends to make any such right share application through payment of money to the broker. The broker shall make necessary reservations then.